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​ "I am in the process of writing my first book 'Your Fitness after 50", so my fitness column has been put on hold for the time being"

"Thanks for visiting my website.  My name is Rick.  As a 74 year old personal trainer and fellow baby boomer, I understand many of the concerns you have, both physically and financially.  My 1000+ clients, most of whom are over 50, have taught me how to approach training safely, effectively and technically correct."       

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 Baby Boomers Survival Guide
​          Rick  Almand
   Your Personal Trainer

Please go to Contact Us and leave me your name and email address.  I plan on restarting my fitness column by the end of 2023. Stay tuned.

   Baby Boomers Survival Guide Introduction
​      74 years young

                                         My Mission Statement

"To expand the understanding of physical fitness to the general public and to instill in all my clients the desire as well as the ability to take care of their primary asset - their physical health" 
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