"All my clients have had the same training based on the Ultimate Best principles of  'building your   
                               basement'.  I believe you first must build your fundamental levels of strength, flexibility and balance in order to perform in your day-to-day life.  Once you have built your baseline of muscle, tendon, ligament and skeletal capabilities, you are ready to challenge yourself, be it running, tennis, gardening, basketball, golf or whatever endeavor you attempt"

​                                                                       Good Luck and Good Health!

                                                                                                    Rick Almand

              "Testimonials are in chronological order. See what people in your age group say about the training"

   Check out the 40 year olds
                                                Check out the 50 year olds
                                                                                             Check out the 60 year olds
                                                                                                                                          Check out the 70 year olds and up

Baby Boomers Survival Guide
Lori/Max (40/47) - "Rick has done an excellent job of showing us how easy it is to fit working out into our busy lives.  My husband and I each have our own strengths and weaknesses and Rick designs our workouts to suit what works best for us individually.  After so many years of inactivity I thought I would be stiff and sore and really dreary working out again, but Rick plans the workouts so we get the maximum benefit to our muscles without injuring ourselves.  This alone makes working out an enjoyable experience that I look forward to each week"
Bruce (40) - "You will not regret investing in Rick as your trainer. When I started with Rick I was very out of shape and heading toward serious health problems. Within 12 weeks I had lost 40 pounds, regained tremendous amounts of energy, lowered my blood pressure, slept much better at night, and began to regain the muscle and strength I had 15 years ago. I do not believe I could have made such positive changes in my lifestyle without Rick’s expert assistance. Rick is a great motivator, teacher and friend" 

Jimmy (40) - "I am forty years old and thought it was too late for me to start strength training but Rick told me it's never too late. He has been great for me. He is very knowledgeable in his skill of teaching. He really cares about how important it is for us to be in good health. After two months with Rick I can tell a big difference in my body and confidence. Rick is an excellent teacher. Thank you Rick"

Heather (40) - "During the several months that I worked with Rick I felt the best I ever have. I lost weight and had so much more energy. Rick taught me how important exercise and stretching is now and in my older years. He also taught me the muscles and their functions. I highly recommend Rick to anyone who is looking to work out with a personal trainer"

Denise (40) – “Rick’s ability to perfectly tailor workouts to meet your goals, needs, abilities and restrictions is amazing. I am 40 years old and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 11 years ago. I wanted to strengthen my muscles to help with every day activities, like walking, without triggering MS symptoms and didn't know how to do it on my own. He created a plan that worked at a safe pace for me. Rick listens, cares, makes it fun and I trust him completely. It’s an incredible feeling to see the differences and know I am getting stronger. I can walk through the grocery store instead of using the electric carts, most of the time. This was not the case a year ago. Working with Rick has improved my daily life and I am truly grateful!”  

Dan (41) - "Rick's teaching workouts have done a lot for me. I have more endurance and muscle mass than I did in my twenties. The workouts are professional and well planned to get the most out of our time together."

Gail (41) - "In my opinion, Rick is the best personal trainer you could get.  He actually teaches the fundamentals & explains the “whys”. Why it’s important to stretch, why it’s important to drink plenty of water, why it’s important to eat protein within an hour after your workout. There are many more “whys” but I think you get the point.  Rick understands the importance of building the core muscles.  He understands how to train women.  Not everybody wants to be a body builder!!!  Most women want to get in shape & tone and Rick can show you how to do that.  

He also understands that everybody starts out at a different level and some people have limitations.  He ADJUSTS the program to YOU. What a concept!!  I had a “complimentary” workout at a local gym after training with Rick & the “trainer” never once had me do ANY stretches & as a result I pulled a muscle in the back of my leg.  This was doing an exercise to strengthen my knee that I was having a problem with.  Whatever your goals are, Rick can help you get there" 

Michelle/Paul ( /41) - “Running a small business, eating when we can and whatever is convenient combined with a lack of exercise and regular sleep is what our lifestyle had become by the age of 40.  Knowing this is a recipe for long term disaster, we would go hiking once in a while or work in the yard and think “we are active”!  As the years go by, the deficit adds up in the form of pounds which contributes to lack of energy and makes it harder to feel like we were “offsetting the damages.”  We remember recognizing the trend and telling ourselves this has to change, but then another year would go by….. time sure flies!  

We then decided to join Anytime Fitness.  Knowing how all of the above sort of crept up on us we wanted to create a commitment like all of the others we have outside the gym.  That’s when we met Rick. Signing up to train our lifestyle and take care of our primary asset was the best investment we ever made.

Rick’s approach to fitness and overall well being really makes sense.  He really understands the human physiology and the mechanics of the body movement and he explains it in a way that really helps the process.  He is an inspiring individu.  Meeting and working with him has changed our lives.  We strongly urge anyone who is looking to improve overall well being to spend some time with Rick.  Rick is good, Rick is great, Rick helped us lose all our weight!”

Carol (42) – "Working out with Rick was the best thing I ever did for myself. I'm in better health now, than I've ever been. I've lost a total of 60 pounds and I feel Great ! I really feel so much better and stronger than ever. Ultimate Best has helped me become my ultimate best and I would recommend Rick to any one wanting to improve their overall health and fitness ability." 

Lisa (42) - "I didn't realize the affect Rick and his program had on my physical and mental well-being until I gave it up -- Now I'm back!"

David (42) - "I am 42 and have never worked out with weights and would like to thank Rick for teaching me the correct fundamentals of why and how to workout properly. I look forward to continuing having Rick work with me in the future"

Pam (42) - "I had been stagnating in my workouts and not making any progress. I had observed Rick for some time working with other clients, and I was impressed with his enthusiasm and professionalism. I have never been in better shape in my life and I have only been training with Rick for 3 months. To say I am impressed is an understatement. His training has been the best investment I have ever made” 

Doug (42) - "Rick's knowledge and passion for fitness shows in everything he does. He explained how and why the workouts would work certain muscle groups. Strength and flexibility returned just as he said it would. Thanks Rick" 

Patty (43) – “I have always been intimidated by working out. I felt like I did not know what to do, so I would give up because I thought I looked silly. Rick eased me into a workout program that did not overwhelm me. He made me feel comfortable using the weights so my confidence grew. I feel better now that I did when I was in my 20s!” 

Joan (43) - " Prior to my time as Rick's student, I was a couch potato. I had no experience with weights and very little experience with exercise machinery. I had lower back pain almost daily. I meet with Rick and explained by limitations. He encouraged me that I could success with a planned exercise regimen. I call myself Rick's student because he did more than just give me exercise instruction. He explained the 'why' behind the exercises, the order of the exercises and everything I would need to know to go it on my own. I worked with Rick for 3 months. I now have a much stronger back with only occasional pain if I over do it - not the every day pain I experienced before. I am confident enough now to go to the gym alone and work out. I know what I'm doing and why. If I can do it, anybody can!"

Robert (43) – “I've lost over 40lbs since beginning my workouts with Rick. After 6 months of strength training twice a week with Rick, interval cardio, recommended by Rick, 3 days a week and 2 days rest, along with a healthy diet I have returned to a healthy BMI.  Not only does Rick tailor training to your age and strength, but he educates you on proper technique, importance of stretching, muscle groups worked, and why the exercises were selected.  I was involved during the beginning of his IMPACT core training (ICT) and I love IT!!  The cardio kicking breaks up the monotony of running like a gerbil on the treadmill or elliptical.  The ICT program really tightens the core, improves your balance, and relieves stress (you get to kick Rick’s butt for an hour!!)”

Holly (43) – “I've enjoyed working with Rick.  He taught me how to use free weights and stressed the importance of stretching.  I have always enjoyed yoga and it was nice to have a trainer that agrees stretching is very important.  I felt at ease with Rick and he was very patient with me when I had work issues.  Rick is well organized and his workout log is very easy to learn.  He gives you so many written instructions with pictures which I admit I had to use my cheat sheets quiet often!  All in all I feel confident when I walk into the gym and that is due to Rick teaching me the proper way to use all the gym has to offer!  Thank you Rick!”

Lori (44) – “When I started I could barely do 1 pushup. With just a little effort and a short amount of time I could do 10 pushups!” 

Michele (44) - "I have always wondered what it would be like to have a personal trainer and now I can say that it is an extraordinary experience. I have been training with Rick for nearly 6 months now and I am so impressed with what I have accomplished. I enjoy each workout and look forward to the next one every week. I actually train with a friend as well, which makes the experience that much more enjoyable. He can train us at the same time and still keep us at our own level. He is an investment that you will never regret!"

Maria (45) – “At 45+ years and out of shape, I didn’t think there was a fitness plan for me.  Having used trainers before that literally drove me away form exercise, I have found Rick’s program to be exactly what I needed.  Thank you Rick for the professional way in which you run your business and for “coaching” me back towards health and fitness” 

Nancy/Tim (45/47) - "Rick's common sense, gradual approach to training makes it easy to build strength and endurance for the activities performed in everyday life and his sense of humor makes it fun and easy to stick with the program. Through Rick's training and guidance, my husband's bad ankle has greatly improved and we have both gained strength and stamina. I highly recommend Rick and his method of training to anyone who wants a safe, effective program that is easy to follow and stick with"

Sandy (45) - "I have really enjoyed training with Rick. He takes extra time specializing the work out specifically for me. His routines give you maximum results without leaving you so sore you can't get around. His technique has you stretch out the soreness immediately. I work out with my 14 year old daughter. We did different exercises at the same time and both had great results. If you want to get in shape, Rick Almand is your man!!" 

Gail (45) - "At 45 years old I'm tempered to brag about how Rick was able to bring me with ease and with no injuries to the point of being able to do more push ups than my younger children in their 20s or how I can actually squat 85 lbs (a lot for a small woman) or how I have nice muscles in my arms and shoulders or how I'm slimmer, with my clothes fitting the way we all want them to.

Now getting up that flight of stairs with ease is a snap! Getting those groceries lifted and out of the trunk of the car happens without a struggle. Getting the top of the jar of pickles is something I don't have to ask someone else to do! I don't grunt anymore when trying to get out of a low chair. You know what I'm talking about! It's these things that truly get our attention as we age....not just the extra weight and appearance of our bodies but the frustration of feeling like we are losing our own ability to control everyday situations with strength and confidence.

Rick's approach is practical and calm; he doesn't yell or push you past what you can do but only to your true limit in its proper time. Rick has truly taught me that with life changes on many levels you can feel and look great as you mature and, most importantly, YOU can keep your life on a level of "I can do this" instead of "can you help me do this".

I would recommend Rick to anyone who needs to learn strength training, anyone from a teenager who needs to lean how to workout safely to a 60 year old who has never worked out in their life. Rick is one of those people who changes lives and makes a difference, so feel comfortable and great about choosing him as your trainer! I did and so can you. Go ahead. Jump in. It's the best investment you will every make. You wouldn't be disappointed. Gail Davis, 45 years young and getting younger" 

Dana (45) – “At almost 46 years old, I have never been in better shape. I was never one to workout, much less go to a gym. I workout with Rick 4 times a week. I am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been in my life. My muscles are defined and I love the way they look. Rick makes working out enjoyable. My daughters now go and workout with him also. I can actually say I look forward to the day we go to the gym. I would recommend Rick to anyone wanting to get in shape and learn their way around the gym”

Joe (46) - “It's a great total body workout. Doesn't take as much time as you would think.” 

Anna (46) - "Rick is very knowledgeable and knows how to get you in shape in minimal time. He includes all areas of training cardio, stretching, and strength training. The workouts he teaches you can even be done at home with minimal equipment. Quick results for time spent" 

Charlie (46) - "There are many things I enjoy about working out with Rick, but one of the things I appreciate most is that he assessed where I was starting from and has tailored the workouts to me individually. I've seen steady progress because I've been challenged, but we've never risked injury. That's important to me because I'm not a kid anymore. Rick knows what he's doing"

                                                   --------------------------follow up training------------------------

Charlie/Stephanie (53/ ) – “I worked out with Rick back in 2006 and 2007 as he got me ready for hip replacement surgery. Because I was so strong, my recovery was fantastic. Now Rick is training not only me but also my wife and teenage son. It's been great getting fit together. Rick provides a great blend of customized workouts, accountability, and innovation. We do a balance of independent and team workouts that fit our schedule. It's a great experience”

Kathy (46) - "I have never been a person who participated in sports while growing up - I was not very good at any sport. I decided that as I grow older I should try using a trainer to learn how to use weights. I feel that I have gained so much more.  Rick has taught me the importance of balance, drinking water, proper form, different exercises using weights and the use of different machines in the gym as well as how to appropriately stretch. I actually use more weight than I ever thought possible and look forward to my sessions with Rick. I no longer feel intimidated when I walk in the gym. I feel comfortable and confident"

Kevin (46) – “If you are looking for a good trainer, Rick is your guy.  I have lost 35 pounds since working out with Rick. I have gained 4X flexibility in my body.  The best compliment that I have had is I was stretching my legs out on my 18 wheeler when a 21 year old kid walked by and asked what was I doing.  I told him that I was stretching and getting my flexibility back.  He looked at me and said ‘You’ve got pretty good flexibility for a fat guy”.  I was laughing about it for days.  My health is much better and I can work a 14 hour shift without getting tired.  For us old folks out there, Rick is the guy that you need training you”

Gwen (47) - "I had never worked with a personal trainer before but I thought I would give it a try.  We worked together for a few weeks, and, as a result, I learned methods of exercise that strengthened my body over a very short period of time.  These techniques, along with other important elements that Rick stresses, helped me get back into shape from the winter break that I had taken." 

Leah (47) - "It was obvious to me from the start that Rick had a passion for what he was doing. He taught me the importance of working out to achieve a lifetime of well being. The knowledge I have obtained from Rick was well worth the money spent. You can't put a price on health"

Suzanne (47) - “After a decade of chronic back pain from bulging disk in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine; countless sessions of physical therapy and other forms of pain management including epidural injections; and finally surgery of the cervical spine that still left me in a great deal of pain; I was invited to a consultation with Rick and his program. I went into the program with the mentality, “what have I got to lose”, never imagining what I would gain. My pain is pretty much non-existent most days. If someone had told me that I would regain flexibility, stamina, and strength the way that I have (not to mention – me – strength-training!) I would never have believed it without experiencing the program. 

Rick has taught me “how” to work out with confidence that I am not going to hurt myself. The program is simple but so effective. The simplicity is what has given me the confidence that I will always do this. I have been in the program for 4 months and for the last several weeks, people often say to me, “you look like a different person” - including my surgeon! The best part – I feel like a different person. Rick’s wisdom and knowledge of his profession is amazing as is his professionalism. Thanks, Rick. God used you as an answer to prayer.” 

Robert (47) - "47 years old, 400 plus lbs, legs red and swollen from poor circulation and taking 6 pills for my blood pressure, not to mention having a hard time sleeping and poor breathing habits. My family members even admitted later, they hated for me to come over because they would get depressed thinking I was one step from death. Everyday I was seeing fewer and fewer people worse off that I was. I woke up to reality and realized I was on a one way street and that I needed to get off soon.

I stepped into the gym and met Rick. On my first session, Rick taught me the importance of muscle confusion, good breathing habits and stretching. He built up my esteem with my workout, getting me to want to come back. We talked about how small strides would turn into bigger steps as you progressed. He helped pick up my ego when it got knocked down from only being able to do about 5 minutes of cardio the first time.

Now, 6 months later, working 2 hours a week of strength training, I am over 70 lbs lighter. My cardio workouts involve 20+ mile bike rides and 100 flights of steps on the stair climber. My legs have cleared up and I get compliments about my calves. I sleep great and feel like breathing is not a task anymore. Not to mention, no more meds to keep my blood pressure normal! I must admit, Rick can't do the work for you, and I know I have got more to do, but without him, I would not have the strong foundation to pursue my dreams of one day being able to do a triathlon. Rick helps you turn your desires into discipline to reach all of your dreams. Rick, thank you for helping me save my life and bring back my dreams"

Leslie (47) - "It was great that Rick has the ability to listen, then create a system specific to my needs. I had a lot of very tight muscles and Rick created a stretching routine. We stretched after each exercise. It really helped me loosen up those tight muscles. Rick is patient, kind, a great reminder calendar and good coach. I would highly recommend him to any one over 40"

Lori (47) - “Rick is the best trainer I've ever worked out with.   I've worked out with him during two periods of time spanning the last ten (or more?) years.  Not only does he customize the workouts to fit ME, but he motivates and pushes when he feels that I can and should do more.   Working out with Rick has taken the "fear" out of going to the gym.  Anyone and everyone should utilize what the gym has to offer.  It's not just for the heavy lifters. 😊  I would highly recommend Rick to anyone who wants to get healthy.   Whether you're starting at ground zero or have worked out for years, if you need help with your workouts, I'd call Rick over ANYONE in the Barrow, Walton, Oconee, Gwinnett, Jackson, Hall area.  He works with anything you've got going on physically and or mentally.  He won't let you fail!”

Donna (47) – “Rick far exceeds expectations as a personal trainer. He rekindled my desire to improve physical endurance and developed my lifelong commitment to maintain strength.   Rick meets you at your current level of performance, and gently increases your routine to get the best results.   His wealth of knowledge in the area of fitness is essential in individualizing a routine.  He places attention to detail in creating routines that build upon previous successes.

His ability to integrate stretching throughout the routine has proven to increase my flexibility and stamina.  I would highly recommend Rick to anyone who is interested in seeking a trainer that will create a lifelong desire to enhance physical fitness ability.  He is a five star trainer!”

Shirley (49) - "You motivated me to get started with flexibility, strength and I can say I was surprised after 6 knee surgeries how well we did together. I often felt like I was still in professional physical therapy rather than a professional personal trainer. I have gone from feeling debilitated to empowered. Thank you for your encouragement and professionalism."

Frank (49) - "Through Rick`s professional analysis of my needs, he has been able to construct a custom exercise program for me that works, even when I travel. His methods allow me to carry out the workout even when getting to a gym is not possible."

Frank (49) - "I have been working with Rick for about 13 months and have never felt better physically than I do now. As a youth soccer referee I took pride in being able to keep up with even the fastest of players and when I started to lose that ability I sought out Rick's help. With his "less is more" and methodical approach to personal training I am proud to say that today there aren't many players that I can't keep stride with. 

I have had other personal trainers in the past, each with their own unique style but have found Rick and his tailored training sessions to be the best match for me.  Yes, it is still hard for me to understand why I only have to lift weights two times a week when others lift everyday, but in the end, the results from listening to Rick speak for themselves.  If you have ever had a notion of working with a personal trainer but, for whatever reason backed out, I strongly urge you to check out Ultimate Best and let Rick do for you what he has done for me.  Frank C - 49 and holding"

Kim (49) - "Your vast experience and knowledge in all facets of fitness beamed through every minute of my workout with you. You answered all my questions with care and kindness and really helpful and practical answers. The joy and enthusiasm you express for your profession, and fitness in general, is amazing and inspiring to me. It was *fun* working out with you!

I was at first concerned that a male PT would make me feel somewhat uncomfortable and self-conscious; but your friendly, respectful, professional and easy approach put all those concerns to rest from the get-go. While our sessions were hard work and really pushed me, at no time did I feel unsafe or over-extended.  Your ability to carefully and wisely guide me through a challenging workout routine which never *hurt* me is a testament to your experience and careful attention to your client's fitness.

Did I reach all of my goals?  Yes!  All of the goals were successfully achieved.  I am much more flexible, limber, energetic, **knowledgeable**, and have lost 2 dress sizes.  I've recommended you to a number of family, friends and neighbors.  I highly recommend you to anyone of any age, body style and fitness goals.  Thank you for everything"

Doug/Barbara (49/54) - "When we first hired Rick to work with our family it was to teach the kids Ashley (22) and Chris (19) the benefits of good nutrition and working out to invest in their future through physical health.  My wife (54) and I (49) both, along with the kids, went through Rick's program.  I am happy to report the family is some 110-120 pounds lighter in only 8 short months, 2/3 of that being the kids.  I can't say enough about what it has done for their self esteem, especially for my daughter who never did anything towards working on her physical conditioning as she was one of the lucky ones that could eat anything and stay fit.  She got very sick and the medications changed something in her chemical make up and she gained weight quickly and was struggling to get it off.  

It is an activity that we do together promoting family time with continued benefits.  My son had both knee and heel problems that have been improved by 90%.  The roles of who is pushing who has been reversed in some ways as the kids now kind of push us towards healthier living habits. My son drinks nothing but water.  He used to drink about 6-8 coke products everyday.  Thanks for the difference you have made to our lives through the education to my family about there physical health"

Danette (50) - "I have been working with Rick for 4 months. During this time, Rick has helped me develop excellent workout patterns, has helped me lose weight and inches and has created for me a lifestyle that I intent to follow through for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend Rick as an extremely competent personal trainer."

Steve (50) - "I signed up with Rick to achieve goals that were personal to me, not the trainer. I wanted to tone and not bulk, Also I needed to strengthen my core to improve my balance and my golf game. After the first six weeks of sessions, I was so impressed with the results, I signed up again."

Laurie (50) - "I was referred to Rick from a friend. Through him I learned about strength training and stretching exercises. Rick was absolutely wonderful. He gave me the confidence I needed to take that step to begin physical training" 

Carolyn (50) - "Working out with Rick really does make you feel better, no matter what you are doing now. He seems to know how hard to push you so that the next day you are not too sore, but just enough so that you really do feel good! He says you don't have to run the Peachtree to stay in shape, but at age 50, I did it for the first time and it wasn't nearly as hard as I expected. Setting and meeting physical goals for yourself is very satisfying"

Fay ( 50) – “The past few months of working with Rick Almand has been a true pleasure! This is the longest I have 'stuck' with an exercise program, and I feel that this is in large part due to the fact that I have not experienced any significant pain. Rick starts you out slow, and insists on stretching between exercises, which I feel like is the secret to success. I have definitely improved my balance and strength, and sleep better as well. I would recommend Rick to anyone, no matter how "out of shape" you feel. It's never too late to start improving yourself!” 

Meredith (50) - "I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for working with me.  I had become somewhat stuck in a rut, performing the same routines at the same level, twice a week for the past 2 years.  No wonder my weight was beginning to creep back up and I was showing no signs of improvement.  Through your personally designed 3-stage process of strength training and cardio, I have jumped from my plateau and am already seeing results after only 6 weeks of working with you.  I can't wait to see what the coming months will bring for me.  Thank you for making me work smarter and stronger"

Candy (50) - "After learning that my Mom was diagnosed with level 4 Osteoporosis, I was haunted by the realization that I was heading down the same path.  I had been ignoring one of the most important factors related to preserving bone density, which is strength training. It was more than coincidence that Rick presented me with his unique program shortly after learning of my Mom's prognosis.  With 3 months of strength training behind me, I not only feel 10 years younger, I know that Rick's program is an insurance policy for securing the optimum level of bone mass now and in the future"

Mike (51) - “Working with Rick as my personal trainer has been a great experience for me.  I have learned how to work out without burning my self out.  With the right program and the proper hydration you can turn back the clock and feel better than you thought you could. Its good to have that get up and go that had got up and gone.  Thanks Rick”

Kathy (51) - "I did not realize that having a trainer would be so instructional, motivational, and just plain fun.  My daughters and I enjoyed the time we spent together, not only working out, but laughing and enjoying each other's company.  I liked that we started out slow (our fitness level) and built week by week.  I also liked the fact that your program is only 2 days a week and I am not required to workout every day.  It also helps a lot that you really take time to explain why your program is designed the way it is and why it works.  Thank you for providing me with the knowledge and tools to work out on my own and know that I'm doing things right; right form, right stretch and on the right track." 

Chris/Diane (51/59) - "You can still get back into optimal physical condition even in your fifties! My wife and I both have hectic work schedules that do not lend well to working out at the gym. Rick offers in home fitness training that is tailored to your individual capabilities and needs. Aside from Rick’s wealth of knowledge, what impressed me the most is his positive attitude. Rick has an innate quality to motivate and encourage you without all the dramatic yelling! Time spent with Rick is time well spent. I’d recommend training with Rick to anyone that wants to improve their quality of life!"

Terri (51) - "I was in my mid to late 40's when I began noticing that I was putting on weigh although I had not changed my eating habits, or the amount of physical exercise that I was doing.  I figured I did a lot of outside yard work, a lot of work inside the house and that was always good enough for me.  I figured the weight gain was just part of getting older and there wasn't much I could do about it.  Then about 2 years ago, my best friend from high school fell, and broke her ankle.  She had reached almost 300 pounds.  To this day she still cannot walk right, and is in constant pain.  That was my wake up call.  Although I was not near that weight, I knew I had to do something in order to be as fit as I could, so I would not fall, and if I did, I would be in better shape to handle it.

I joined Anytime Fitness and met Rick.  He sat me down and gave me a personal consultation, asked many questions, and designed a program that worked for me.  I began training with him, and in no time was feeling so much better.  More than that, I found myself doing exercises and lifting weights, doing things that I never thought I'd be able to do.  My confidence soared and I no longer cared how I looked standing in the weight lifting area.  I just knew that I was getting stronger and building not only muscles but self confidence.  

A year and change later, I am still at it.  I haven't lost a lot of weight, but I am toned, strong, and look forward to each and every day that I have the chance to work out.  It is very empowering and Rick is a great motivator.  Rick is encouraging, non- judgmental, and has endless patience and a good sense of humor.  Thank you Rick for getting me on the right path.  I am most grateful" 

David/Tish (53/51) - “Prompted by our lack of energy and watching our friends and family members’ health, as well as our own, deteriorate, we were motivated to begin a healthier lifestyle.  This included hiring Rick to come to our house to help us utilize the equipment that had been sitting in the basement collecting dust.  Rick’s philosophy of training to work us into an independent fitness program was attractive.   His individualized training, coupled with his emphasis on educating us about the reasons for the use of proper form and stretching make working out twice a week sustainable and ultimately has adjusted our perspective on physical fitness for life”

Annette (52) - "Rick helped me see what gaps there were in my current training and what I needed to do to improve my workouts.  He made the workouts challenging and yet fun.  He was always encouraging me to do better and yet not to exceed my current limits.  I plan to go back to him in the future for more assistance.  Training with Rick is a worthwhile investment!" 

Bobbie (52) - "Three of my co-workers and I worked with Rick for several months.  He was awesome! I love the way he teaches you so that you can train yourself.  He is great to work with and extremely knowledgeable on strength training.  You can do things you never thought you could by allowing Rick to teach you the Right-Way to exercise.  Save money for the future by listening to everything he says. He can teach you the way to a longer and healthier life" 

Chris (52) - "Can exercise be fun & productive?  Yes, it can! Working with Rick has been great.  The program is challenging and his understanding & focus have given me a great workout every time" 

Jenny (52) - "I've been working out on my own for about a year before starting with Rick.  What a difference working out with Rick has made! I spend less total time in the gym, but I can actually see a difference in muscle tone after only 8 weeks.  Rick's program is challenging, yet I have never felt overwhelmed or inadequate.  He designs a program to meet the fitness needs and goals of each person he works with.  Rick knows how to tailor the workout to get the most benefit for the time invested.  And he has a total program for lifetime fitness, strength training, cardio fitness and healthy eating"

Rhonda (52) - "I have enjoyed having Rick as my personal trainer for the last 5 months. I am in a group of 4 ladies who Rick trains once a week. He gives us all the individual attention we need for our own fitness goals. Rick has a genuine passion for all of us to achieve and maintain the best health we can have. Anyone who has him as their personal trainer will find that working out can be fun and yet disciplined at the same time. I look forward to my weekly workout because I know I am investing long term in my health"

Mac (52) - "Hello, my name is Mac McCoy and I have to tell you, at first I was skeptical, 52 years old and what Rick had me doing just did not seem to me what would build muscle.  Was I ever wrong!!! I had to move from the area but Rick has always answered questions when I call.  I have added about 3 " to my biceps.  I went from struggling to get 10 to 15 push-ups to doing 45 easy.  I have gained about 2" in my chest.  I am pretty toned for an older guy and feel a lot younger, so just TRUST Rick, do as he instructs and you WILL see the difference"

Marie (52) – “My family has been a member of Anytime Fitness for quite a few years. I would go for a while and train but never really put my heart into getting fit. I wanted instant results of looking like a celebrity. In February 2017, I met with Rick. I met with him (1) because I had seen him a lot in the gym when I would randomly show up, (2) to get my husband off my back about going and (3) because even though my husband kept telling me to go, I just had to hear it from somebody else.  

When I first met with Rick, he asked me what I wanted from my workouts. I basically wanted to get healthy to keep up with my grandchildren. With that in mind, Rick became my personal trainer. I am an extrovert-introvert. I don’t like crowds. With that being said, the very first workout, I think everybody that lived in the area was at the gym. Rick took me out on the “dance floor” (free weights). I was petrified, but endured it. After that night, I was hooked. Now, I don’t care who’s there, it’s my dance floor.  

Rick has taught me a lot about knowing me, that it’s ok if you can’t do it all, and challenging and cheering me on as I completed set after set. It’s been a year now, I’m not where I want to be, but I am on my way. Thanks to Rick’s training, I can do this and become a better me every day. My grandchildren like to see Gigi’s guns and love that I can chase them around the yard! I love the fact that I can carry a case of paper up 22 steps and not be out of breath!   Thank you Rick for getting this Gigi into shape!!! 

Tom (53) – “After years of neglecting my fitness and overall condition of my body, I began a weight program with Rick at the first of 2006. 8 months later I can see a noticeable difference in my level of fitness, flexibility, and balance.  My general level of health has helped me feel more in shape than I’ve been in 25 years.  Rick has the ability to push his clients, while explaining the reasoning and benefits of each exercise, and the concern and attention he gives during each session allows his clients to each reach their ‘ultimate best’.”

David (53) – “It was a pleasure learning and working out - having my very first ever, in life personal training program with a fitness trainer - that being you, and reaping some the benefits of your personal training fitness expertise.  I am 53 year old and have gone through major surgeries.  As one can imagine, I was more cautious than anyone about the idea of going into a gym, but I also knew that I needed to regain my strength and attitude. 

 At first, I must say I did have some misgivings about hiring a personal trainer, but you exhibited a great quiet confidence and passion for your work that I saw in you from your one-on-one consultation - that I immediately took hold of and haven't let go.  Although I'm not directly in your training care right now, I hope that one day I eventually get back with the program.  You will see my "homework progression" and train me to get to yet another level of being on my journey to ‘Ultimate Fitness’.”

Bill/Pam (53/27) - “My wife Pam and i had the pleasure of working with Rick for most of 2013.   We interviewed 3 personal trainers and decided on Rick mainly because of his approach he described early on, working on all muscle groups and the importance he emphasized on proper techniques including lifting, stretching before and after workouts.  One thing that we were impressed with was the fact that after each workout neither one of us were in pain or discomfort the following day which meant to us we picked "the right guy". He maintained our records and progress each week and changed up the workouts to keep them interesting and not falling into the same old routine each time.

Additionally, Rick was extremely flexible with our busy schedules and willing to adjust workout days and times when he could, which was ongoing week to week. You could also count on Rick following up the day after a workout with either a text message or phone call to see how our bodies felt to insure we weren't "over doing it" or even perhaps to see if we could increase weight/reps for the following workout.  His newsletters cover many topics and we found them to be well written where you didn't have to be Doctor to understand them and easy to apply when applicable. Overall both of us would highly recommend Rick for his services and positive approach he takes towards his profession. Our schedules will allow us re-hire Rick in the March time and my body is looking forward to it”

Ruth/Bill (53/55) - “What can I say?   Rick well over exceeded our expectations as a personal trainer.   He's a man determined to be the best trainer for his clients.  He is knowledgeable about physical fitness and keeps up with the latest studies.  Working out with Rick, we were never sore the next morning but felt we had a good workout.  He's also very encouraging in keeping you on track with a realistic game plan.  He was also very accommodating with our crazy schedules changing it when we needed to.  We would never use anyone else for our weightlifting training.  

 I highly recommend Rick to anyone who wants to get in shape and stay in shape.  My husband and my jobs are physically demanding.  To look at us we look in good physical condition, but we know that weightlifting is like an insurance policy for us.  Staying strong and in shape will keep us well and out of sick bay.  We are in our mid 50s and each year we feel the need to increase our stamina to keep up.   Rick is the man if you want a realistic sensible on target trainer.   He is also a joy to work with.  His personality is uplifting and always has that smile😁”

June (54) - "In years past resolutions came and went with no commitment, just a lot of hot air. In 2008 no resolution was made; however, a unique opportunity came my way and I met Rick.  Rick has made working out fun.  He set goals that I could achieve and he has inspired me to be healthier.  I am now 42 pounds lighter and stronger.  They say it's not over till the fat lady sings.  Well, I say it's not over until the healthy lady sings"

Mike (54) – “When I joined Anytime Fitness I thought I was all set.  However, the use of the equipment, how much weight and the number of reps….well, I was overwhelmed.  Then I hired Rick and, let me tell you, he made this experience very enjoyable.  With Rick’s knowledge I was quickly in a workout plan I could understand and benefit from.  I would recommend Rick’s training to all. Thanks Rick!!”

Susan (54) – “When I first met Rick I told him that I was quite strong for a woman my age, and that I got regular exercise, but my flexibility was comparable to that of the tin woodsman from the Wizard of Oz.  Rick's consistent and persistent reminders about the importance of stretching have convinced me of the value of this aspect of physical health.  He is competent, knowledgeable and professional, and I have benefited greatly from his expertise and encouragement”

Debra (54) – “Becoming overweight in the last 6 years of my life has not been any fun, but I also realized I had lost muscle and the energy to work out.  When I joined the gym, we were offered a personal trainer option.  How great is that!! What is even better, Rick is a great trainer.  His beliefs of balance and core strength has helped me even with my posture.  The day after a workout you know you have worked out.  But a day of rest and stretching will also work that out. Rick keeps you motivated and encourages you to strive just a little more at each workout.  I would recommend Rick to anyone out there who thinks they can't be in shape”

Linda (54) - "There I was, 54 years old and out of shape.  Legs hurt, joints ached and no stamina.  I decided it was time to get in shape once and for all.  With two energetic granddaughters, I didn’t want to get left behind.  I joined Anytime Fitness to get in shape by doing more than just walking the tread mill. My husband suggested I use Rick because his techniques and exercises were age appropriate. I hadn’t worked out in over 35 years and this was all new to me.  My previous experience was only Army physical training and the occasional walking on the treadmill.  The first workout was quite different in that after each exercise, Rick had me stretch that muscle.  This was the key because the next morning, to my surprise, I was not sore.  Not even a little bit.  So, I signed up for the 3-month personal trainer plan. This gave me the instruction and confidence to work-out appropriately and consistently. 

During our recent winter vacation to Disney World, I really noticed a physical change.  We walked around the park from early in the morning until after midnight.  I was not tired and my legs did not hurt.  I was the oldest person in the group and felt great.  Some of the group had even gone back to the house for a break before returning.  Even after a 5-week layoff due to illness.  I returned and followed Rick’s plan and did not have one pain.  Why?  Because Rick emphases stretching after each exercise.  This has made working out a pleasure.  I see many muscular guys rubbing Icy Hot on to ease the soreness. With Ricks plan, Icy Hot is not needed.  I tell everyone about Rick’s stretching techniques. Also, how his plan is tailored for your age and starting physical condition.  I highly recommend Rick to anyone thinking about exercising" 

Jan (54) - “I've been active and worked out all my life.  As I aged, I realized that I needed to add a weight regiment to my workout program. I thought I knew what to do....uhhhh, no.  Rick happened to see me working with a weight machine,(incorrectly I might add), and intervened with some tips.  I was hooked and ready to go.  Rick will customize a workout based on your abilities.  If you have any kind of physical limitations, he can adjust the exercise to suit your needs.  

I think what stood out the most is the fact that I never ever hurt or was sore after a workout.. Rick is VERY GOOD about emphasizing the need for stretching.  It makes all the difference in the world…..especially as you age!  I can always tell when I haven't stretched, when I work out on my own because I hurt.  Then I can hear Rick in the back of my mind.....stretch! stretch! stretch!  Rick definitely will get you to where you want to be with your exercise program.  He has the tools and knowledge to do it correctly and safely!”

Ron (54) - “I have always worked to keep myself in somewhat decent shape, but I must say that after hitting 50 it has surely gotten tougher.  Having been in a “workout slump” for a while, I decided to join a gym and discuss the option of working with a personal trainer. My goal was to get my weight in check, tone up and have a little more energy.  Based on these goals and my personal profile, I was introduced to Rick as my new trainer.

From our first introduction, I felt very comfortable with Rick.  His personality and enthusiasm radiates throughout the gym, with folks he knows and many other clients.  However, when my clock started for each session, I was his full focus.  Rick put together very comprehensive training plans and did an excellent job of teaching good form and results to be gained from each task.  He started me out slowly to determine my current fitness, but then quickly started to give me challenges to help me grow.  It was only a few weeks before I started to see very measurable results.   The best thing is he made it fun and productive and I have continued to follow his plans.   In fact, I saw Rick recently at the gym with another client and he took the opportunity to correct me on my form, while applauding my dedication!  Working with Rick was the best thing I have done for myself in the way of health and fitness”

Barbara (55) - "What can I say about my trainer Rick? He is professional, motivational and knowledgeable.  He creates a routine that works for my individual needs.  I feel stronger and more confident.  So strong in fact that I decided to walk a 13.1 mile walk for the Loran Smith Center for Cancer this fall.  Keep me in your prayers.  I'm going to need it" 

Zenek (55) – “Thank you for all the time you took to teach us the correct way to workout.  I appreciate everything you did for my wife and me, especially listening to our needs and making the exercise fun and worthwhile.  All your suggestions we are continuing to use every time we workout.  Thank you again”

Joan (55) – “Thank you Mr. Almand for the opportunity to offer my testimony here today.  My name is Joan Wakefield and I am the Risk Management Manager for CHICO 'S FAS in Winder, GA.  The measure of fitness is not based solely on physical appearance.  The metamorphosis that takes place occurs mentally as well.  To achieve success in a fitness program you must improve in every area of fitness. Not too many exercisers’ can stake claim to improving their flexibility, strength, cardiovascular, balance and coordination.  

The basis of the Ultimate Best program is these five components and I have achieved these components.  In order to truly excel one must improve on their attitude; you even have to apply maximum effort, tremendous focus and a really positive approach to your life.  Thank you Rick.  You are the best fitness trainer that I have worked with in all my years spent in the gyms” 

Steve (55) - "So, I joined a gym – again – took them up on the introductory personal trainer session and decided to try the program. WOW, what a difference Rick has made for me with his fitness program.  I’m 55 - never was sports or fitness oriented and now, have never felt better.  I can see real results from Rick's program across the board: better flexibility, better muscle strength and tone, improved endurance, more energy, less stress, the list goes on.  

Rick customizes his approach based on where you are today being sensitive to your present level of flexibility and conditioning.  His approach uses weight training, stretches and cardio for a balanced approach to conditioning, and the results are tangible with each session.  In the process, his clients learn a healthy and achievable approach to fitness.  Rick has my enthusiastic recommendation"

Dave (55) - "My name is Dave.  I'm a 55 year old male who has been working with Ultimate Best trainer Rick for the past 8 months.  I'm really impressed by the level of professionalism Rick displays in his process of teaching.  The strength training compounded with the stretching routines are steps toward optimum health I've never seen emphasized in any training in the past.  Thanks Rick.  Thanks for showing us how to refine this tool (our bodies) God has given us.  Since working with you there has been a new vigor to life and a zealous spring in my steps.  Thanks again Rick"

Carol (55) – “As we all get older, we need to take care of what we have and at the age of 55, I really realized how important it was to take care of me.  When I started this program with Rick, I was out of shape, stiff, feeling discouraged from other programs that I tried in the past.  I really did not know what Rick could tell me that would change anything but I really wanted to make some changes.   Rick listened to my past struggles and really heard what I was saying.  From that point forward, he took the time to show me how to use the equipment and weights properly, not one time but every time I used them.  

I learned the importance of stretching in between exercises, proper breathing, and knowing what muscle group you were working with each machine or weights.  No matter what your age is or what type of shape you are in, it’s never too late to start.  I would recommend that you take the first step and see what Rich can do to help you get to a healthier you!”

Ron (55) – “I have been training with Rick for over 6 months and have noticed some great improvements in my overall body mobility and strength. Rick's approach to training is ideal for me as a baby boomer. The workouts are not overly strenuous and the maximum benefits are achieved. Rick's knowledge of overall health and fitness is another plus as his recommendations for diet and exercise along with muscle stretching allows me to see the results. I look forward to continuing my training with Rick for years in the future”

Robert MD (56) – “Rick is the real deal when it comes to personal training. As a medical doctor who invests a lot of time in personal fitness, I have found his methods to be anatomically and physiologically sound. Rick is a master at motivating his clients. He is professional at all times. He is sensitive to any limitations one may have due to age/medical issues and is always able to recommend an alternative exercise that will produce the same result. If one will put the time in and follow his methods, they will get RESULTS, plain and simple” 

Theresa (56) - link to testimonial>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmnKimNrDI8

Cheryl (56) - "I began working out with Rick because I was at the end of my rope.  I had been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and my cholesterol was high.  I hated exercise programs (and I had tried a number of them) because of the soreness that always followed a workout.  After seeing what Rick’s program did for a co-worker, I decided to give it a try.  I have never regretted that decision.  After just a few workouts I could tell a difference in the way I felt, and it wasn’t long before I could tell that I was stronger as well.  My goal is to reach a point where I can stop taking all the medications I take now, and I can really see that happening in the future.  Before Rick, I didn’t have much hope of reaching that point"  

Kathy (56) - "I have never been a person who participated in sports while growing up - I was not very good at any sport. I decided that as I grow older I should try using a trainer to learn how to use weights.  I feel that I have gained so much more.  Rick has taught me the importance of balance, drinking water, proper form, different exercises using weights and the use of different machines in the gym as well as how to appropriately stretch.  I actually use more weight than I ever thought possible and look forward to my sessions with Rick.  I no longer feel intimidated when I walk in the gym. I feel comfortable and confident"

Denise (56) – “Personally I’ve never been one for working out in a gym, mainly because I was not familiar with the machines, what they were used for or how to use them properly.  Therefore, I avoided the situation because it made me uncomfortable.  I met Rick standing in line at the post office one day and started talking.  He said he was a personal trainer and explained a little bit about how he worked with his clients.  I decided to give it a try.  I can honestly say, I enjoyed every session with him, saw results and was never sore the day after. He explained everything, what we were going to work on, why, what it would accomplish and how to do it correctly.  Unfortunately, I had to move back to NY because of family health issues.  I have not found anyone here that I enjoyed working with half as much and truly miss working out with Rick”

David/Tessie ( 56 / ) – ”My husband and I have been members of Anytime Fitness for a few months now and we thank Mr. Rick Almand for his professionalism, time and availability for questions.  He has taught us the importance of stretching before and after workouts and the importance of balance, strength and toning.  His training is done the right way and it is not rushed.  It is according to our strength and manageability.  My husband has lost 30 pounds since we started with him and determine to loss more.   And as for me, as I have had a bypass in the past, my heart beats much stronger and my heart rate is maintained to normal better than when I first started cardio and training.  My husband and I highly recommend Anytime Fitness as it is open 24 hrs. 7 days a week.  They have professional trainers in the premises awaiting you.  As for Mr. Rick Almand, he is definitely a great trainer and we enjoyed him very much”

Elaine (57) - "The personal training program that Rick is helping me with is meeting my goal of becoming physically fit for the rest of my life.  I always feel better after a workout session and I’m beginning to achieve the improvement in strength and flexibility that I was looking for when I discovered Ultimate Best.  It’s a lifestyle change that I’m very glad I made" 

Kathy (57) - "Rick’s confidence in my physical abilities comes through each time that my husband and I workout.  We are now on our own with some monitoring from Rick.  His confidence in me has led to me being able to perform exercises and weight training that I would have never thought I could have done.  He is the ultimate motivator and confidence builder!"

Janice (57) – “Rick’s workout program has taught me the how and why to exercising.  It is a program that is well worth the time and money to me”

Cindy/Joe (57/58) - "Working out under Rick’s leadership gives new meaning to “date night” for my husband, Joe (58), and me, Cindy (57). We have both tried various independent exercise programs independently, but found that we were inconsistent with meeting a regular schedule in trying to maintain our fitness level.  About one year ago, we both began to follow Rick’s program.  We have found our team workouts, personally designed for us by Rick, to be the best program we’ve ever followed.  Rick met us at our level and has continued to move us forward.  We can honestly say that we are in much better shape in our 50’s than we were in our 30’s or 40’s!"

Kathy/Mark (57/60) - "Ultimate Best is exactly the exercise program we were looking for.  It fits our lifestyle, without having to leave home.  We can work this program into our hectic schedule and we have seen the results we were hoping for.  Thanks Rick! 

Lily (57) - "I have worked out with Rick for three months and already see the improvements in my strength and energy. I had never been successful with strength training despite many attempts on my own, but need to be using it for overall health as I get older. Rick adapted the training to my needs as well as consideration of a torn ACL and some hip problems. My workouts have strengthened my body, and my overall endurance is increasing steadily. Rick tailors the workouts for a gradual increase in weight and intensity so I feel like I have worked hard but there is no pain or discomfort. Seeing results with only two weight training workouts a week is amazing!! By showing me how to train efficiently, Rick is helping me balance weight training and cardio for maximum benefit"

Suzie (57) – “I began training with Rick in March 2012.  I joined Anytime Fitness in February and enjoyed my workouts but I knew I wanted and needed a more structured and balanced workout.  I really liked the way Rick tailored my training, taking into account my 57 years and my goals.  He has been really patient and always encouraging at each workout.  I have suffered with sciatic nerve damage for many years and thought it was something I just had to live with.  I found as my workouts progressed and my body strength improved, my pain went away.  To this day, I am pain free.  Rick continued my training, progressing me to higher levels of strength training and cardio workouts.

Three months into my training, I suffered (while on vacation) a severe sprained ankle and a ligament tear.  I continued to train and Rick adjusted some of my exercises to rehab my ankle but kept me on track with what I had already mastered.  I have completed 6 months with Rick and am doing 6 more months because I know I can achieve my current goals and make plans for new ones.  I am excited to see how I continue to progress.  Thank you Rick!  You are a kind and patient person who always finds the best in your students”

Joan (57) – “I’ve worked with 3 of the personal trainers at Anytime Fitness. I’ve chosen to work with Rick twice. He was great at listening to my goals, and designing a plan that fit with my time schedule, physical abilities and financial boundaries. He is perfect for anyone with physical limitations. He is very good at taking the extra care needed when there is a physical problem. This is why, when my son who has cerebral palsy decided to start working with a personal trainer, I chose Rick for him as well. Rick is a teacher at heart. He will not only give you a training regimen, but will explain the “whys” behind it. Thanks to working with Rick, my back pain is practically gone, and I am now preparing my own workouts. But, if I have any problems, I know who to go to for the answers”

Susan (58) - "Rick sensitively evaluated my physical limitations associated with arthritis.  He designed a program to build strength and balance.  Although I've been 'working out' for years, I am lifting weight that I would never have seen myself as being capable of lifting." 

Allyson (58) - "Working with Rick has made a big difference in my life. Strength, stamina, flexibility and balance have all improved.  I am doing more than I ever thought I could do.  I am an improved version of myself! Thanks Rick for your knowledge and support." 

Larry (58) - "Rick is an excellent personal trainer for me because he teaches while he trains.  I have asked my wife to use him.  That is how much I respect his knowledge and professionalism."

Jim (58) - "Rick designed a program and process tailor made for my needs.  He's knowledgeable and takes time to educate.  He gives the 'why' behind the 'what'."

Kathy (58) - "I thought the bulging disk in my back would end my ability to maintain a fitness program, however, Rick designed a workout program for my specific needs. The strengthening gained through Rick's program has given me increased stamina, energy, and strengthening in my back and allows one to age gracefully and not show it. Rick is understanding, encouraging, knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. His workouts are lots of fun, I have lost weight, and the fact that he comes to me, I have no excuse to skip the workout"

Stan (58) – “Working with Rick gave me the opportunity to have more mobility in my life.  I didn’t think I had the energy or stamina to workout effectively.  Rick is really knowledgeable about physical fitness for middle aged men.  He pushed me, but he would also take my health conditions into consideration.  I would recommend him to family and friends”

Juane/Carole (59/64) - "Rick Almand has been our personal trainer. He has had such patience with two older ladies who were completely uncoordinated and a challenge to any trainer. He helped us with great information and we enjoyed his good nature. I am very grateful for the time we have spent with Rick" 

Phil (59) - "For years I have attempted to start a fitness program but, not knowing enough about it, I usually pulled a muscle and quit. Rick's careful, balanced approach has put me on the road to fitness with a detailed plan.  There's a lot of peace of mind knowing that you are maintaining your body properly."

Ron (59) - "Rick and Ultimate Best has taken me from a person who was tremendously out of shape to a person who is now not only in better shape physically, but also a person who has confidence that I can continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I know that I have extended my 'quality of life' expectancy through this program." 

Ron (59) - "After participating in the Ultimate Best workouts for about a month, I found that my golf game in particular was changing. Changing for the best. I noticeably was hitting the ball longer.  I actually had to adjust my iron play as I was hitting the ball further and over the green.  The Ultimate Best workouts have really improved my golf game." 

Karen (59) - "I started training with Rick 3 months after my second knee replacement.  I was unable to climb stairs or do much bending. After his 12 week program I can go up and down stairs with no problem and have more strength and balance than I ever thought I would have again.  Thanks Rick"

Debra (59) - "At age 59, my physical health and weight were good.  I made the decision to seek a personal trainer as I am in the very early stages of osteoporosis.  My medical doctor would suggest each year I should consider weight bearing exercise but I would just listen and think, maybe one day.  I met with Rick and felt comfortable from the first moment.  My muscles surrounding my bones are organized and much stronger in less than six months.  I have been pleasantly surprised in added benefits such as arthritic relief in all joints, especially my knees.  I have been able to lift more pounds than I ever imagined! Rick and I both think the stretches he has taught me to do in between exercise are just as beneficial as the exercise itself. 

I am a workaholic but thoroughly enjoy the workout routine with Rick.  He is experienced in planning a workout routine to fit any age.  I look forward to the workouts each week.  I am very proud of my accomplishments and look forward to being challenged in 2011!"

Chris (59) – “Rick’s training has made such a difference in my life.  The combination of weight training, strength and conditioning has helped me with both my work and leisure activities.   His approach brings humor and good sense to a field that can be confusing and his program is the best remedy to hold back the onset of older age and its symptoms.  I’m confident that I can do as much now as I could 20 years ago, if not more, thanks to Rick”

Jan (59) – “Although I originally began training with Rick as the proverbial New Year's Resolution, it wasn't until I became a full-time caregiver for my Mother mid-year I fully realized its importance.  As the weeks passed, my increased core strength proved invaluable -- helping move her from bed to chair, to the car for doctor's visits.  However, what mattered most -- it gave me a sense of control over my body during a time of great uncertainty otherwise"

Maria (59) – “Being over 55 is tough on a body. Between daily aches and pains, stiffness and no energy, I felt like I was declining rapidly. Rick started me slowly and within 3 months my strength, flexibility and energy is back on track. Thanks Rick for being so knowledgeable even with us ‘old’ people” 

Cindy (59) – “At 59 years of age, I decided to prepare for the next decade with better health and fitness.  I didn't consider myself in terrible shape, I was just looking for better overall fitness.   I've had four different trainers over the past fifteen years as I've looked for direction in the fitness world.  I enjoyed working with each of them, but none have helped me like Rick has.  He has plans designed specifically for me at my current age, and for my strengths and weaknesses.  His plan is constantly changing as I change.  He listens and observes me, therefore never pushing me to do something that could result in an injury.  I have never loved exercising, but I do love the progress we are making.  Thanks!”

Bob (60) - "Rick Almand is a dedicated and professional fitness trainer. I appreciate his sincere interest in his clients and his desire to help me achieve the goals I need to achieve. As Rick has taught me how to use the gym, he makes the workout both a pleasure and satisfying. I have been working with Rick for about 6 months and highly recommend him." 

Shari (60) – “Since working with Rick, I have the energy and strength to keep up with my grandchildren. I am sleeping better and just feel better in general”

Ron/Mary (60/62) - "They say 'Old age is hell', but it doesn't have to be! We both retired in the late nineties and, over the years of fast paced daily living (and a lot of extra pounds!), we had been negligent in focusing on proper nutrition and a regular exercise program. We had 'let ourselves go' to the point that our general health was being affected (I.E., high blood pressure, high cholesterol, borderline diabetes, etc.). It was way past time for a life change! This required better choices in eating healthier food, portion control and reading the nutritional content labels while grocery shopping. Over a period of three months, we lost a combined total of 75#, but this was only the beginning. 

We joined Anytime Fitness Auburn in December 2008 and received a free consultation with Rick Almand, Ultimate Best LLC, Certified Personal Trainer. Working with Rick over the past four months has made a tremendous difference in our life through his balance, flexibility and replacing fat with muscle. We owe Rick a world of gratitude because, through a lot of encouragement, genuine concern for our well being and planned structured workouts, we continue to improve in our daily physical abilities. The commitment to better health and sharing a longer life with your loved ones is a goal that everyone should strive for...before it is too late!"

Kathy/Gary (60/62) - “I had known for a long time that I was “out-of-shape” and needed to do something about it.  But, it took my husband saying, “Look, let’s do it together.” for me to make that life- changing decision in January of this year.  My husband, Gary, was in pretty good physical shape because of his job.  However, being a school teacher isn’t physically demanding and so I was starting at the “bottom”. The closest I had ever been to gym equipment was walking on a treadmill, so going to the gym (at age 60) was like a trip to a foreign country in a way and very intimidating.

I am so thankful that we chose Rick as our personal trainer.  He was very patient and understanding and encouraging.  He made me feel comfortable from the start and challenged me to improve each week.  I feel proud of what I have accomplished over the last 6 months.  I started doing squats with no weights and I am now doing 85 pounds.  I could only do the plank for about 15 seconds at the beginning and last week I did 100 seconds.  I can lift 17 1/2 pounds (in each hand) on the bench incline.  I could go on, because there has been improvement on every piece of equipment--though pushups are still difficult for me! :)  Gary has also improved in flexibility and, at 62, has developed and defined his muscles.

My improvement is not just in the gym, though.  It is all about how you want to live your life.  We went to California this summer and hiked around some areas near Big Sur.  In the past, I would have been winded and would have had to stop often to catch my breath on the inclines.  That didn’t happen this time. I can carry my 15 month old grandson (he weighs about 28 pounds or so) up the steep stairs at their place with no problem, and I can keep up with him as we play and crawl around on the floor.  I went for a walk this past Friday with my friend and walked 5 miles feeling no strain.  I have a lot more energy and endurance to help me tackle my life every day.  

Rick has done a great job as a trainer, and has given us a lot of instruction along the way.  I appreciate that he has helped us work on strength as well as flexibility.  I know that this is something that we will continue to do to give us an improved quality of life for the future”

Robert/Carol (60/67) - "Thanks to Rick, my husband and I are in the healthiest state we have ever been in.  I am happy and energetic.  My husband had hip replacement surgery last year, and Rick has been instrumental in his recovery.  We need accountability and Rick is it.  Being toned and active Really feels great!  Of all the investments you make in life, your health should be number one.  I want to be around to enjoy doing things with my family.  This meant I had to make the decision to ensure a healthy life style.  We called Rick, and the investment we have made is PRICELESS!” 

                                                     (now training independent of a trainer) 

"Over the past 4 years I have worked with Rick who has helped me with recovery of 2 hip replacements and some back surgery.  He has been a great influence on my rehabilitation.  Carol and I are now working independently through the knowledge that we received from him.  Thanks Rick for your help"

Bob (60) – “I found Rick from Ultimate Best on one of my favorite sites; Thumbtack.  I like Thumbtack because I can see useful reviews of the person or company I am hiring.  After going to another name brand gym and using a trainer I became disgusted because I didn’t lose an inch or gain any muscle.  As a 60 yr old male getting ripped was not my goal, but rather to keep all the parts moving, and lose a few pounds along the way.  Rick is a specialist in baby boomers who need to stay in shape and get other benefits.  His approach is very sound and he carefully explains exactly why and what he will ask you to do.  It is NOT a session of complete cardio, but rather a balance of all you will need to stay fit.  

Rick is very knowledgeable in his field, and is very patient with his clients.  He stays flexible with his schedule and that made my life easier given my busy schedule.  His approach is so much better than any I’ve ever been exposed to and I’ve yet to sustain any injuries because of the progressive approach he uses.  Rick provides you will step by step video instructions for all the exercises and stretches you will ever do.  Yes, stretching is a very important part of the routine that I was never exposed to, and it makes a lot of sense to stretch during the routine.  I chose to use the gym (Anytime Fitness) rather than be trained at home which works out a bit cheaper and Anytime is open 24 hours and is very non intimidating, unlike some other gyms"

So, if you are a baby boomer or close to one and want to get in shape or stay in shape to live longer and feel better I highly recommend you give Rick a chance. Once you speak to him you will know you have found the right person for your fitness needs. I am on about my sixth month or so with Rick and I’ve lost at least 3 inches in the waist, and I know have more muscle mass that when I started. While three inches may not sound like a lot I was headed toward disaster before I started with Rick with pre-diabetes and other issues. Rick also gave me great advice on nutrition and so much more that was health and fitness related. He is truly a wealth of information and made himself available to me for this valuable advice.

I wrote this testimonial of my own free will and did not receive any discount or freebies in return. I rely heavily on other people’s reviews which is why I’ve done this honest review. I hope this has helped you make a decision towards better health. Stay well”

Joe (60) / Anna (59) – “Upon completing Physical Therapy after surgery to repair a broken collarbone, Joe felt his recovery was not complete and that he needed to do more. Even though the decision to hire a personal trainer was primarily for Joe’s benefit, Anna knew it could also enhance her life. Though Anna keeps an active lifestyle, she was feeling less confident about her strength and her ability to complete projects independently. Anna had been reading Rick’s articles in the newspaper for several years, so they knew who to call. 

They hit it off with Rick immediately. He is a pleasant teacher and makes the workouts fun yet challenging, always emphasizing the importance of safety and proper form. Keeping Joe’s recovery in mind, he created a customized plan that allowed him to regain his mobility and strength. Anna and Joe wanted to work out in their home and were thrilled Rick offered this option. He loaned them equipment until they acquired their own.  

Rick’s program helps Baby Boomers maintain their independence as they age by focusing on balance, strength, mobility, and flexibility. After six months of working out with Rick twice a week, Joe feels better than he has in thirty years. He feels more confident and has significantly increased his stamina. Anna has a newfound awareness of the importance of stretching and the role it plays in diminishing everyday aches and pains. She has a renewed confidence in her improved level of strength” 

                                             *****************(on STAGE 3 training)*******************

"We started our training with Rick in May 2017.  We do independent workouts provided by Rick at least 3 times a month.  It takes discipline, but having a partner keeps you accountable.  As we get older we want to maintain our strength and mobility.  Our biggest surprise has been how important stretching is.  The stretching, even on days we're not exercising, has reduced our normal aches and pains.  We do a team workout with Rick once a month.  He will review our technique and form to be sure we're on track.  Rick makes the team workouts fun and is flexible with our schedule"

Harry (61) "Almost 2 years ago, I joined the YMCA and started working out on a regular basis. I had a set routine that I followed, but I wasn't sure about the equipment that I chose or whether I was using it properly. I didn't feel like I was getting the full benefit out of my efforts and that's why I turned to Rick. After a few weeks with Rick, he designed an exercise program that fit my specific needs. I am almost 61 years old and feel that I am in the best shape of my life. I can't say how much I appreciate the guidance and encouragement that he gave me. I would recommend Rick to anyone" 

Ken (61) - "I got started working out 6 years ago about the same time that I decided to buy a new motorcycle. I hadn't been in the gym in more years than I care to remember. Since it has been such a long period of time since I had been in the gym, I decided to use a personal trainer. I have used two different trainers in two different gyms but neither of these trainers seemed to understand that I was looking for more flexibility than strength training. I joined Anytime Fitness and meet Rick Almand. In the two months I have been training with Rick, I have accomplished more than the previous six years and two other trainers"

Brian (61) – “I want to thank Rick for working with me as my personal trainer for several months. This is long overdue. Rick has changed the way I think about working out and has motivated me to continue working out on my own. I am 61 years old, about 160 pounds, and in pretty good shape for my age. Before I started working with Rick, I was all about increasing the amount of weight I could lift. That is what motivated me to work out. As a result, I have injured myself a couple of times and had some shoulder and elbow pain that never seemed to go away completely. 

Rick encouraged me to think of working out more for the long haul, for a lifetime of better health as well as strength, rather than getting so hung up on numbers. He encouraged me to use less weight, do more reps and to make sure I was doing each weight lifting exercise the right way. He also included stretching exercises between each set to increase my flexibility and to help prevent injury. The stretches have helped me a lot. I do not know how I ever worked out without doing them before.  

The workout routines were well organized and a little different each time. Rick wrote everything down on paper in a coded way that allowed us to know exactly what I did and in what order each session. I actually increased my strength and flexibility. He was very encouraging to work with. He did not push me too much, yet it seemed I could get a little more out of my work out when he was working with me. Thank you again, Rick, for the great personal training”

Carol (62) - "When I retired last April 2007, my dream was to hike the Appalachian Trail.  While the desire was there, I was terribly unfit.  I started to work out on my own that same month, but didn't understand the equipment or how to use it.  After working out with Rick's guidance, I was able to achieve my goal--75+ miles and plan to hike Vermont next year!  The way Rick teaches the six components of health--nutrition, cardio, resistance, ROM, balance and breathing has been instrumental to my success with backpacking.  This many sound funny coming from a retired nurse, but Rick started me thinking health and that's the encouragement I need to keep heading for the gym three times a week.  Retirement sure is fun, Thanks Rick!" 

 ***********************************************(email from Carol 3 years later)*********************************************

"I am age 65 now and just walked the entire AT this past summer starting at Springer Mtn.  April 1st and ending at Mt. Katadin Sept.4th.. 

With a group of eleven other hikers and van support to carry our tents, food, clothing and other supplies, we finished in 4 months with only 3 zero days the whole trip.  The dream was there, but I needed a lot of work to get into shape physically.  You got me started on the right foot and 2179 miles later I finished, reaching my goal and fulfilling a lifelong dream. 

What a wonderful adventure that was.  I am so grateful to you for helping to get me into shape for the hike.  The breathing techniques you just sent out were invaluable to me going up those steep ascents. My trail name was "Little Engine" for "The Little Engine that Could", a children's book.  Every mountain I climbed at first, my inner voice was saying 'I think I can, I think I can'.  By the time we reached the state of Virginia, it finally got a little easier as I became trail fit and knew I could to it. 

What you do for your clients is so valuable in so many ways and I hope you know how important what you do is to all of us who benefit from your expertise.  Two thousand, one hundred and seventy-nine thank-yous are not enough to express my thanks to you.  I continue to workout at the Y and walked those other days with a neighbor.  You started me on a course to maintain my best possible level of health"  

Bruce (62) – “I enjoyed working with Rick; he is very friendly and professional.  As a stroke survivor and diabetic, I found my quality of life diminishing as I aged (now age 62).  I needed to focus on healthy routines that I had ignored most of my adult life.  Rick helped me learn those strength building routines and now I get up in the morning without aches and pains caused by my disabilities and am now able to move through the day much easier.  The most amazing additional benefit is that I was able to stop using my insulin pump 24/7 and go to just oral medication and a few insulin shots each day that significantly reduces my insulin and supplies cost for the insulin pump. Thanks Rick for teaching me how to live a healthier life!”

****************************************************(follow up check up)*****************************************************

"Wanted to let you know nearly 10 months after starting my training with you my hemoglobin A1c has dropped from 8.5 to 7.0, a remarkable improvement for an insulin dependent diabetic.  My blood sugar has gone from "needs improvement" to "in control".  Thanks again for your training to improve my health" 

Clare (62) – “In my 20’s thru 50’s, I was always active.   I played women’s softball, ran 8 Peachtree Road Races, did a triathlon and took kickboxing classes.  While power walking I developed an osteochondral fracture in my left knee.   For 4 month’s I had to be on crutches with no weight-bearing on the knee.   I was devastated and disappointed that my exercise regimen was interrupted for that length of time. When I did begin to power walk again I suffered a lower back injury because of my altered gait due to my knee injury.  Things went downhill from there I became sedentary and miserable.  

With my husband’s urging, I started meeting with Rick at Anytime Fitness in March.  Since then my confidence in my ability to return to a fitness plan has made a huge difference.   With his knowledge, discipline, encouragement and patience, Rick has given me a road map to being fit again.  He challenges me and I do like a challenge.  I am thankful for Rick (and so is my husband)”

Robert (62) – “Rick is a very experienced trainer with Anytime Fitness that I have had the pleasure to work with over a period of a few months!  He is very patient and understanding of the special assistance I need rebuilding muscle I have lost due to a stroke.   The process has been very encouraging.  I have experienced great strides in regaining my strength and the ability to get back to the routine things that I have taken for granted for so many years.  Thank you Rick!”

Robert (62) – “Do I need a personal trainer? I’m healthy excluding a bum knee from high school football that will attention in the future, a hernia needing repair and the generally aches and pains of being 62. I’m not overweight, don’t smoke, don’t drink to excess, family history is clean, am blessed with good longevity genes, stay active in the yard and outdoor activities and take no medications.

So, in answer to the question, not I don’t need a personal trainer….TODAY. But I do need a personal trainer TODAY for….TOMORROW. For when I need to rehab from knee surgery. For when I need to rehab from hernia surgery. For when those age pains can’t be ignored. For unknown future events. To allow me to enjoy my outdoor activities.

I believe I found the personal trainer in Rick. Together we are developing a simple regimen that won’t consume my time but will keep my body prepared for what is surely to come, God willing. It fits my needs and lifestyle”

​Darlene (62) – “As a personal trainer, Rick is both patient and motivating. He challenges you to reach your potential in physical fitness and then work to maintain it. Rick encouraged me to build up to the peak of my ability and then supports that with the constant reminder that this is what I want to be able to do 10 years for now. Maybe there will be some adjustments needed over the years but I will have ensured better balance, muscle tone, energy levels and overall stamina by working out.

The common sense and experience Rick provides makes him an excellent choice as a personal trainer for those deciding to get started or get back to the gym!”

Linda (63) - "Rick is a great motivator.  I never thought I could do what I am doing now. He has taught me that I can lift weights without hurting myself.  My strength, stamina and flexibility have all improved.  I am proud of the progress I have made...I have amazed myself. Thanks Rick"

Ray (63) - "Before I signed up with Rick as my trainer, I weighed 256 pounds and just found out I was a diabetic with a blood sugar number of 356.  When I started training with Rick, he taught me the proper use of the machines, weights and treadmill. He also taught me the importance of stretching , as ell as the order in which you use machines, weights and treadmill.  The treadmill is always last. I have really benefited from Rick's help.  Currently I weight 216 pounds and my blood sugar number range is between 127-130 each day"

Lynn (63) - "I have been working with Rick for 6 months. After having a discetomy, I would try to exercise, hurt and quit. Working with Rick, I have gradually progressed more than I thought possible. Thanks Rick!"

Nancy/Brian (65/63) – “My husband, Brian and I have been a member of the Anytime Fitness Center for several years now. We would go in 2-3 times per week and work out, but seeming not to reach the fitness goals we wanted. Oh don’t get me wrong. We were fit, but not seeing the results we wanted. We’re an older couple now in our early to mid-60’s and considered ourselves to be fairly active. We play golf, enjoy taking brisk 5 mile walks at the park and still do our own yard work. There was a trainer at the center who introduced himself to my husband who told him a few things he should be doing with his workout. So my husband thought he’d give him a try. Little to say he’s hooked on having this trainer working with him. Brian would talk to him about me, & they both said “yea she needs to work with me.”

I was very reluctant, for I had worked with a trainer and saw some results and I “knew what I was doing”. Right? After about a year and half of my husband’s prodding I decided to train with Rick too. He works with both Brian and I as a couple. A lot of fun! 

I want to tell you I am stronger than I have ever been in my life! I am more fit now than I was in my 30s or 40s. It has helped me with my flexibility, stability, and stamina. But most of all my golf game has improved so much due to the workouts. Rick is a great trainer because he begins right where you are and develops a workout program just for you. He has so much knowledge. He tells you why we do it this way, and also has literature to help you with your overall fitness”

Warren/Cynthia (64/60ish) - "Rick does a great job as a personal trainer for us. It has helped our balance, flexibility and muscle tone without being too strenuous but enough to know we are in better shape since having Rick for the last 4 months"

Mary Jane (64) - "When I first saw Rick, I was a member of the YMCA. He impressed me with his enthusiasm and friendliness, although I really had never been introduced. I saw his articles in the Barrow Journal several years late. At that time, I wanted to find out about a physical trainer. Being a very frail person due to genetics and a medical issue, I have to be very careful how hard to push myself. Rick is friendly, dedicated to his work and extremely inspiring"

Dianne/Tom (64/66) – “Just want to say thanks for showing us that 'senior citizens' can get back on track with physical fitness. We wanted to find someone who could evaluate our individual situations and develop a training program to fit us. And you have done just that. We have only been working out for a few of months and can already see a difference in our strength and flexibility. It is very apparent that you tailor the programs to the individual and gradually increase the workout based on their performance. Thanks!” 

Melvin/Donna Lee (64/67) – “Before starting our workouts with Rick Almand, we realized the importance of exercise and healthy eating. We walked 2-3 miles nearly every day and ate nutritious, well balanced meals. However, we did nothing to improve our strength. We began working with Rick and soon realized how much we needed strength training as well. Rick has been excellent at helping us learn how to exercise properly and increase weights at a safe pace. Under his training we have become more balanced and flexible and we have a lot more stamina. We are in our mid sixties, active and healthy. Working with Rick has been a great investment in our well being”

Lee (64) - "Rick I would like to thank you for working with me. You had a real job with all my busted up bones to work with. I feel so much better and now I know how to safely use the gym. I have given your name to a lot of my friends to use you as their trainer and I hope to see you sometime at the Winder gym soon. Thanks so much" 

Randall (64) - "I was a member at the fitness center for a year before I came to the conclusion that I was not getting anywhere on my own in my attempt to become fit.  Almost everything I was doing in the gym was a long way from being done correctly and I had no specific goals set for myslef.  Rick helped me get on track and designed a specific program for me.  Now I can see the results that I was not seeing from working out on my own.  I like the way Rick explains why and for what reason we do certain routines. Keeping a notebook of my workouts really makes a statement when you are able to see where you were.  For me having a personal trainer is wonderful and is the motivator that I needed in my quest to become fit.  Thanks Rick"

Jackie (64) – “I am a 64 year old female who lives a fairly active lifestyle.  I began training with Rick to lose weight, but immediately saw the opportunity to enhance my daily lifestyle and increase my strength.  I have three grandsons who play sports year round and with my arthritis it was becoming increasingly difficult to climb bleachers, walk long distances, or even play around with them due to my hips and legs.   

After just a couple weeks training with Rick I noticed it was much easier to complete my daily tasks around the house, with climbing stairs or even carrying laundry.  This training changed my strength level, lung capacity and began to make the pains and aches associated with arthritis few and far between.   This is a definite lifestyle change and it takes some time to make it a routine, but it is definitely worth the work!”

Marci / Janet (64/67) – “Rick has proven to us that being of an advanced age doesn't matter when trying to increase or maintain your strength.  We have worked with Rick for about six months and find that our strength and agility have vastly improved as a result of Rick's training.  As single women, we realize that maintaining our health is the most important thing we can do for ourselves and our families. Working with Rick has been enlightening and an overall healthy choice for us”

Andrea (64) - “In 2012 I was diagnosed with cancer. I had surgery and against Doctor's recommendations chose not to get radiation.   Two months later, I had a detached retina.   The doctor was able to reattach the retina and I was on restricted activity for 3 months.  Then, in 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer again.   Following the surgery, I had to have chemo. I had been a part time caregiver for my Dad since my mother passed away in 2007.  In 2014, at the age of 89, he fell and fractured his back in two places.  He spent a month in the hospital before passing away and I spent a lot of time at the hospital with him.  Just as I was starting to feel better and get back on my feet, I went on a hayride with 2 of my grandsons.  At the end of the ride I jumped off the wagon and tore my meniscus and fractured my tibia plateau. I was on crutches for three months.  I had no surgery, but got physical therapy to regain the strength in my leg. 

So as you can tell, I went for several years of being sedentary (not by choice).  In February of 2015, my husband, (who had been going to Rick for personal training) gave me some visits with Rick for my birthday.  I was not happy about it since I do not like going to the gym.  I prefer to do activities such as swimming, walking, or riding my bike which I had not been able to do for several years.  I begrudgingly went each week however.  I had always prided myself on being strong and healthy and had thought that I would just have to accept this new me.  I was actually surprised when I began to regain my strength and my attitude about going changed.  I know Rick could tell I had a bad attitude and was surprised when I kept showing up each week and when I paid for additional training sessions.  I have been going for almost a year now and am beginning to feel like my old self. 

Rick is patient when I forget which stretch to do after the workout or what to do on some machine.  He is encouraging when I have pushed myself to go beyond what I thought I could do . I look forward to my training each week, which I thought would never happen, and I make sure to schedule things around my training time.  I enjoy the fact that he is not some young thing who does not understand the working of an old body!                  Andrea is a Certified Professional Life Coach and National Certified Counselor 

Harolene (64) - "I've always exercised and kept in shape.  But year ago I was diagnosed with a sciatic never injury.  That injury made me afraid to exercise, thinking I was going to injury myself more.  It wasn't until I met Rick 3 months ago.  Rick showed me how to exercise and not be injured by stretching after each exercise.  With that knowledge I'm able to do all the exercises he gives me without feeling afraid of an injury or soreness.  Than you Rick"

Corky (65) -"I've used Rick as a personal trainer.  He taught me how important it is to stretch after each exercise.  He challenges your balance skills.  He also teaches how important core exercise is by maintaining good stomach and lower back muscles to prevent injury."  

Bill (65) – “At age 64, Jesus knocked and he came back into my life 100%.  At age 65 I was divorced after 12 years of marriage.  At age 65 ½ I started with Rick as my personal trainer.  Can only say how much he has helped me.  He comes to my house where my pastor and I work out under Rick’s instruction.  After 34 weeks I have been able to do anything Rick has thrown at me.  87% of bodyweight for squats, jump lunges, diamond pushups, spiderman pushups, clap pushups and bench inclines with over 50% of my bodyweight.  The scissors (an abdominal exercise) are still my toughest exercise and the speed step ups push my cardio.  

Rick stresses breathing, hydration, stretching and form.  My flexibility is equal to or better than most 30 year olds.  My son, who runs marathons, cannot sprint as fast and when we went hiking out west this summer, he was challenged to try and stay up with me. Thanks again Rick”

Steve (65) - "After taking weight training lessons from you last year, I have increased my strength in all the muscle groups.   Your instructions were very helpful, not only in results but in lifting technique which prevented injury.  Also, I read the fitness blog which is helpful.  As you know, I like to play golf and it has helped me stay flexible!  Thanks for your help!

Nancy/Brian (65/63) – “My husband, Brian and I have been a member of the Anytime Fitness Center for several years now.  We would go in 2-3 times per week and work out, but seeming not to reach the fitness goals we wanted.  Oh don’t get me wrong.   We were fit, but not seeing the results we wanted.  We’re an older couple now in our early to mid-60’s and considered ourselves to be fairly active.  We play golf, enjoy taking brisk 5 mile walks at the park and still do our own yard work.  There was a trainer at the center who introduced himself to my husband who told him a few things he should be doing with his workout.  So my husband thought he’d give him a try. Little to say he’s hooked on having this trainer working with him.  Brian would talk to him about me, & they both said “yea she needs to work with me.”

I was very reluctant, for I had worked with a trainer and saw some results and I “knew what I was doing”.  Right?  After about a year and half of my husband’s prodding, I decided to train with Rick too. 

He works with both Brian and I as a couple. A lot of fun!  I want to tell you I am stronger than I have ever been in my life!  I am more fit now than I was in my 30s or 40s.  It has helped me with my flexibility, stability, and stamina.  But most of all my golf game has improved so much due to the workouts.  Rick is a great trainer because he begins right where you are and develops a workout program just for you.  He has so much knowledge.  He tells you why we do it this way, and also has literature to help you with your overall fitness”

Ed (66) - "A few months back at age 65 my friend Bill invited me to workout with he and a friend with Rick. Since then I now look forward to working out and learning the different exercises . The past few years I had been going to the gym without a trainer and got bored with it, but now, with Rick, it's educational and exciting. He makes working out fun and encouraging"

Beverly (66) - "Shortly after I joined the gym, I realized I wasn't making any progress. After a few weeks, I started working out with Rick. I began to see a difference almost immediately. Rick is very knowledgeable and professional. He had me lifting more weight than I ever imagined I could. My whole outlook is better. My posture has improved, along with my self-confidence. Rick is always available to answer questions or give you advice or encouragement. Rick is an excellent trainer"

Cheryl (66) - "I understand how the human body works.  I know what I need to do to get stronger, more flexible and lose some weight. I've been working on repairing and improving other people's bodies for my entire career.  That said, I was out of shape, stiff and overweight and I had just had a total knee replacement.  I decided maybe I needed help. However,  I wanted someone who had lived a little and had experienced life.  Rick was the perfect match for me.  He started slowly, explaining why he was asking for each movement and each stretch.  He was respectful of my knowledge base and together we learned from each other.  Thanks Rick!  I'll be back after this other knee is done"   

Linda (66) – “After recently retiring from 45 years in the corporate world, it was time for me to do something for myself.  I am in excellent health, but once I slowed down from working full time, I realized how old I felt.  As a 66 year old female who lives alone, it is imperative that I maintain my health and independence.  At my initial meeting with Rick, he told me that we WILL get older, but we don't HAVE to get old.  And, so my journey began.  I've been training with Rick for 3 months and I am so pleased with, and very proud of, the progress I have made.  

Rick doesn't just show you how to perform each exercise; he explains why it is done that way, which muscles are involved and the results you can expect.  And I have learned the importance and benefits of proper stretching.  Rick is so patient and supportive. He is a motivator and an educator.  And he is just a really, really nice guy!  I have so much more self confidence, I am stronger, I am more flexible, my balance has improved, I sleep better, no more leg cramps and my energy level is crazy!   And, I will be wearing sleeveless tops this summer!  Thank you, Rick.  You are the best retirement gift ever!!”

                                   (following up email from Linda several months later)

"Just wanted to let you know how well you have done your job.  One side of my back yard is lined with HUGE Leland Cyprus trees and they have grown so big that some of the side branches were starting to bend the top of my chain link fence.  The trees are in my neighbor’s yard, but the fence is my property.  Anyway, I knew I had to get those branches removed and had actually asked the guys who cut my grass if they would bring their chain saw over and take care of that for me . The last few days I've been sitting on my screened porch looking at those trees and wishing I didn't have to spend a lot of money for someone to come cut the branches.  

I finally told myself "Linda, you can do this! You just have to get the right tool."   So, I cancelled the guys who were coming over.  Then, I went to Home Depot and bought a pair of 32 inch ratchet driven loppers with the capability to cut through a 3 inch tree branch.  I have just come in from a 2 hour job and have dragged about 40 large tree limbs down to the street.  I am now preparing a hot mineral bath and am going to soak my weary muscles.  BUT, if this had been 6 months ago, I would not have been able to accomplish this.  Actually, my brain wouldn't have even made the suggestion for me to consider it.  I am so proud of myself and am so very grateful to you for getting me to this point.  When I'm doing things like that - things that are usually considered a man's job - I honestly always do smile to myself and say "Thanks Rick!"  

                                         (Now training independently from trainer)

“After 7 months of training with Rick, I ventured out on my own, but he didn't just wave good-bye and wish me good luck.  He provided me a wealth of knowledge and understanding of not only WHAT I need to do, but HOW and WHY I need to do it, along with his endless encouragement. He set me up to succeed.  And I'm never really without Rick!  If he happens to see me doing something incorrectly at the gym, I hear this voice over my shoulder to "flex your knees" or "don't forget to stretch" or "keep your hands at chest level".  

I've been working out on my own now for almost 2 years, and what keeps me motivated is, of course, the improvement in my quality of life at age 68.  Rick built for me a foundation to live a healthy life and to be able to be independent and strong well into my "golden years", when many people become tired and immobile and sick because they think that's just what happens when you get older.  I am thankful for that every day” 

Jim/Sue (68,66) – “It seemed we talked forever about starting a fitness program but never took the first step.  After meeting with Rick at Anytime Fitness, Auburn, it seemed apparent this was something we had to do.  Rick listened to our health issues and goals.  He shared a wealth of knowledge in fitness including nutrition, body strength, balance, flexibility etc.  Rick developed a program that was conducive to our lifestyle and needs.  After working with Rick for 3 months we have accomplished many goals including gardening, yard work, family time and BETTER HEALTH!  Thank you Rick for your knowledge, hard work and patience!”

Penny (67) – “I was scheduled to have knee replacement March 2008, and I thought I would be able to “rehab” quicker if I built up my strength and toned up my muscles.  My doctor told me he was going to have to cut through my muscles and it probably wouldn’t help. Well, I bounced back quicker than he thought I would and was back to better than my old self.  I contribute my recovery rate to the strength training I leaned from Rick.  My balance is better than it has been in years and I learned how and what to do to keep myself fit. It’s just keeping and sticking to my training schedule”

Dale (67) – “I would like to say that Rick has helped me in several areas.  He has helped me build up my strength as well as helped me get out of a chair.  My balance is much better than it was and I am thankful for that.  Since I started this training, it seems like I have more energy.  I appreciate the encouragement he has given me and would recommend him to others” 

Doug (67) – “I decided to seek professional help with physical fitness at age 66.  Rick and I had met at chamber events and he has an excellent reputation as a trainer and a passion that is undeniable.  Ten months later I’m doing three independent workouts and he is leading and critiquing me on the next session.  Your feelings are your own, and I am feeling good and muscle tone has improved.  My fitness is to the point that stairways are no problem, which is huge at my age.  Balance has always been a weakness of mine but even it is improving.  Thanks Rick for your dedication to helping others be prepared for their senior years, especially me!”

                                              (after injuring shoulder during shopping trip)

“After shoulder surgery in May of 2016, I was excited to exit doctor recommended therapy to just get movement restored and even more excited to join up with Rick again.  Rick was very cautious as we began working with the muscle groups of the shoulder.  My muscle tone, balance and ability to enjoy working out again have been restored.  We are still working to reach maintenance levels in the skills Rick knows will keep me physically fit.  Thanks Rick for restoring my confidence and physical abilities”  

Glenda (68) – “I’ve been working with Rick for about 2 ½ months now and find him to be a very sincere trainer. He starts you out slowly, working on building muscle strength, giving you the encouragement and confidence you need to know that you can do this. I’m beginning to see improvements in everyday tasks such as walking further, climbing stairs, breathing easier and so much more. I have more stamina and energy and I’m able to keep up with my kids and grand kids much better. He’s doing good work with us older kids!”

Al (68) - "When I first became interested in working out again, I had some reservations because I have an artificial knee and an artificial hip.  Rick has taken these into account in creating my workout regimen.  I am happy with the results I am seeing.   I would recommend Rick to anyone"  

Ron (69) – “Going into my 7th decade, Rick has given me the strong foundation to really enjoy the Golden Years ahead of me.  I have been working out with several trainers over the past twenty years, but Rick's training philosophy has really helped me to understand what is really needed to enjoy a more fruitful life at this stage of life.  Thanks Rick”

Deborah (69) – “After several foot surgeries, I knew it was time to get back into exercising and taking care of myself again. I just couldn’t seem to get started. I had worked out with Rick when I was younger. I knew he was the trainer who could motivate me and help me get back into shape safely. He truly knows his business. He is attentive and careful in making sure you are exercising with good and safe techniques. Rick is dedicated to helping people take care of their health. I am so glad I made the decision to call him. I feel better. My muscle tone has improved and I have started playing tennis again!!”

Marion (70) - "Having survived two bouts with cancer, I was having difficulty regaining my strength. After a few weeks with Rick, I am thrilled with the progress I've made." 

Dora (70) - "Rick got me back on my feet after two total hip replacements. I found him to be unfailingly courteous, caring and professional." 

Beverly (70) – “After 3 years, 3 surgeries and 3 years older, I found myself aching more with very little energy and bad posture. With all of that, plus more weight gain than I needed, I decided to re-join Anytime Fitness and find Rick.  Rick had been my trainer the first time I joined Anytime.  Rick is an excellent trainer.  He is very knowledgeable and professional.  I definitely wanted and needed his help.  Shortly after starting my training with Rick, I fell in July 2014 and had surgery in December.   After 8 weeks of physical therapy, I returned to the gym.  Rick has been a huge part of my recovery with a torn meniscus.  Even though my knee is much better, I will continue these exercises even after my time with Rick ends.  I would definitely refer Rick's skills as a trainer to anyone”

Bill / Jo (70/69) – “We have been working with Rich for about 2 years now. We find him to be very knowledgeable about the exercises and workouts we "older" folks should doing. He has worked closely with me (Bill) during and after several surgeries I have had. Thus, allowing me to expedite my recovery without physical therapy. We highly recommend Rick and will continue to work with him”

Stephanie (70) - "I am a senior with health and joint issues.  Rick has provided me with a very structured program to build my overall strength and it has become part of my routine to enhance my health.  He teaches me not only how to exercise but also how to care for my muscles and joints.  As a result, I am becoming stronger and enjoy life more.  I live a life on the go and Rick makes 'on the go' possible.  I can see more possibilities for me down the road which wouldn't be possible without proper exercise"

Maria/Chuck ( 72/71) - “In January of this year my wife and I decided to join a gym (again).  This time we took advantage of the Humana Silver Sneakers program which pays for the membership but we also wanted to try a program that utilized a personal trainer.  My wife and I are in our early 70's, she has had knee surgery and I have significant cardiac problems so we were interested in a program that would increase our overall strength and stamina without killing us in the process.  We talked with Rick about his program and felt that it would fit in with what we wanted to accomplish.  Since Rick is in our age group (almost) we felt he would be more empathetic to the needs of seniors and what kind of training would be of help to us.  

We soon found out that we made the right choice.  The routines are designed to improve our ability to perform daily chores as well as giving us the increased strength and stamina necessary to do much more than we have in the past.  The "no pain no gain" rule does not apply in Ricks' program...to date...with all we feel we have accomplished we have had no exercise related pain, just a steady increase in our strength and stamina.  I would sincerely recommend you take a good look at Ricks' program if you are really interested in improving yourself.  Thanks Rick”

Spencer (72) - "I feel better and it (the exercise program) has improved my golf game. And my endurance is better." 

Hubie (72) - "Rick trained me after I had a heart attack. Start slow and check your heart rate and stretch and then walk and increase as you get stronger. I'm much stronger now and able to do an hour without stopping"

Jeanne/Rick (72/69) – “My wife and I are both “Baby Boomers” who have joined the gym and started a program with our personal trainer Rick to improve our health. He has taught us how to improve our bodies to be fit for life with the use of exercises and stretches. His videos and newsletter have encouraged us to be true to this customized program.

We have been working with Rick for 6 months and have learned to follow his total fitness for life survival program. I am very proud to say during a recent visit to my cardiologist, the doctor discontinued 3 of the 6 medications I was taking. I attribute this to the team training Rick has taught us. Sincerely, R and J”

Robert (72) – “Rick provides excellent guidance to me in setting up a customized balance and functional resistance training routine focused on helping me maintain my independence as I age. Rick shows you the proper technique, which has kept me injury free even though I have not used weight training for over 50 years. He also stresses the importance of stretching to avoid injury and enhance flexibility. He also provides holistic health and well-being information regarding hydration, sun exposure, and other key health factors. 

Rick focuses on attaining weight thresholds that challenge and strengthen you, but never goes beyond a safe limit for each individual. Including Rick’s coaching has helped me reduce joint pain, sleep better, and experience more energy. I highly recommend that other baby boomers, who may be couch potatoes like I was, to contact Rick and get started to a better level of health and well-being”

Betty (73) – “Rick is a dedicated and very personable fitness trainer. From nutrition to physiology to goal-oriented workouts, he is the Ultimate Best. He is more than a trainer--he is a teacher. After a short time working out w/my personalized program, I felt better, was more flexible, stronger and had lost weight. He is as determined to reach your goals as you are. I hope I can carry his lessons with me as I continue the program on my own

Grady (73) - "I have been training with Rick Almand for 7 or 8 months and feel much better and have more energy than when I started. I am retired military and, before I retired, I was running two miles a day, doing 30 or more sit ups and push ups. After I retired, I stopped doing any exercise, gained 35 to 40 pounds and got to where I could not do 2 pushups. Since working with Rick I can now, on a good day, do 30 pushups again. Rick starts you off slow with low weights and small repetitions and works up to higher weights and more repetitions. He lets you work at your own pace within your age group. I'm 73 years old and working to get back to my 60 year old shape. My daughter has also started training with Rick and she is getting stronger each week"

Jane (73) – “I write to you today so thankful for what has been accomplished over the past four months training me. I was diagnosed with the dreaded disease of Parkinson’s and PSP without a cure for either. My physical therapist at Emory Movement Center instructed me to get a trainer near my home. I really did not know what might happen. I truly trust your ability and am grateful for your contribution to my future life. Thank you Rick"

**(con't) April 2012 - "While taking my physical, my doctor stated that I was very strong.  He said he has not treated anyone with my type of disease with the strength that I possess"​

Don (75) - "Since joining Anytime Fitness at age 75 and training with Rick, I have regained lost muscle tone, have greater flexibility and feel better about my overall physical health. I am doing things I thought I would never be able to do again. Thanks, Rick"

Francis (76) – “I have been on the fitness program approximately 3 months and have attained many goals with Rick Almand’s training. I now realize how essential it is to keep my body in shape – a fitness investment for me”

(Peggy 76 / Jasper 79) – “Rick, we are sincerely thankful for the valuable time spent with you.  We appreciate you not just for guiding and instructing our exercise sessions but also for being pleasantly patient and giving to us a good understanding of the practices and exercises that has, and will continue to allow us to achieve our goals towards weight loss, improved body strength, and balance.   We always think of and follow your reminders to S-T-R-E-T-C-H.”

Alan (76) – “Last March as I approached my 76th birthday, I had no idea of the radical change my body was about to undertake.  While by no means a perfect physical specimen, I had arrived at this point in my life having never spent a day in the hospital after my birth.  Two days after my birthday I fractured my tibia in a fall at my periodontist’s office.

About eight weeks later I had recovered to the point where I could put enough weight on my leg to enter physical therapy and did so. Some 3 months of therapy helped me regain use and confidence in the leg but did little to help me regain my pre-accident fitness level.   I decided I needed some professional trainer help and was directed by several friends to Rick of Anytime Fitness.

We are now in the 6th month of a carefully developed program which has taken me back in fitness and muscularity to where I probably last visited while in my 40's.   I feel better, look better and am slowly continuing improvement to where I soon expect to be competing on the golf course where I was when I suffered the fractured leg.  Rick has been patient but professional, requiring attentiveness and commitment from me that I didn't realize I could still summon.  He has also been most flexible in supporting me at times when I faltered. His strength for me has been his unrelenting tenacity in sticking to a plan to which he is fiercely loyal.  If you chose him as your trainer you will never be shortchanged-he earns every cent he charges.   He is demanding yet understanding. He is proud of his accomplishments and he should be”

Jim (77) – “Most would acknowledge that a plant will survive and flourish longer if given light and nourishment, or even an automobile will provide many miles if necessary fluids are addressed.  It is logical to conclude that a person’s body will respond given appropriate attention.

I am a 77 year old man who, for 70 of those years, was given or only paid minimum attention to my life giving elements.  There was too much sun, too many poor choices of nutrition, and too little exercise, resulting in few health minded decisions.

If this sounds familiar, in most situations, it is still not too late.  In my case, I was fortunate enough to meet Rick, a Certified Personal Trainer, who takes all these variables into consideration.  He sees the big picture of who we are and the goals we should set in order to progress and then maintain a healthier life, as we inevitably age.  Rick’s consistent and, if necessary, firm and knowledgeable guidance has assisted me in attaining a balance mentally, physically, and nutritionally.  The outcome is my losing weight, increasing strength, and improving my diet.  Rick works together with the client to set and reach their achievable goals.  My favorite goal is to be able to still do, ten years from now, what I am able to do today. 

Rick has the expertise to help you in every way but the commitment is yours to make and discipline yourself to do the deed.  You must take charge of your lifestyle.  You must make the appropriate adjustments.  You must make the changes necessary to live longer, healthier, more enjoyable, less aches and pain filled life.

Make the decision today to take the first step to success.  As Rick is wont to say, in his communications, “Good Luck and Good Health”.

Kay (79) - “Training with Rick was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made. Early on he impressed upon me the value/need for strength training, both for now and in the future...for LEGS so that I may continue to easily get out of a chair and also climb stairs …. for ARMS, SHOULDERS, and BACK so that I may lift/carry heavy objects, such as a loads of laundry, groceries, bird seed, etc., and again.…for BACK so that I may retain good posture and balance, and hopefully avoid/prevent falls.  He also stresses the importance of form when doing these necessary exercises, and he practices what he preaches.

Rick is an encourager – but never pushes, reminding people to always listen to their body, saying that “I have 51% of the vote” in knowing when I should stop.  He is kind, patient, focused, even protective (making sure I don’t fall) as I move onto the next level of my program.  I know it’s working; I have achy muscles to prove it, and I appreciate the stretching techniques he provides to calm those muscles.

Fortunately, Rick also shares his experience and wisdom with others through his monthly column in the local newspaper.  I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to be stronger and more agile -- now and in the future”

Richard (80) – “I have been on the fitness program approximately 3 months. I am limited on some of the exercises due to age and some health problems, but I do realize the importance of these exercises. I am gaining more strength in my legs and am able to get up and down much better. I am appreciative of the encouragement from my personal trainer”

Florence (83) - "Wow!!! This octogenarian speaks from experience when she says Rick Almand is changing her life from a sedentary couch potato to a weight lifting, high kicking great grandmother. His method is rational and acceptable, explaining why as we go along. I am looking forward to continuing in the program since I feel it is helping me live a fuller and healthier life" 

Sandy (85) – “Approximately 6 months ago, my wife decided to do something about her physical appearance. After a search for the best physical fitness trainer in Barrow County , she selected Mr. Rick Almand. After a consultation in our home, she accepted his plan. I was a skeptic and decided not to join along with her. After several months, I detected a gradual change in her appearance. This skeptic decided to get himself in better condition and joined in therapy with Rick. At the age of 85 I am coming along slowly. However, the change in my body after 2 months is amazing. I am no longer a skeptic….I am a believer, thanks to Rick, my physical fitness trainer” 

Robert (90) - "He does his job and does it well. It is a pleasure to 'work for' Ultimate Best and receive the benefits there of." 

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